We specialize in recycled plastic

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Sustainable Recycling and Recycled Materials - Novoplast's expertise in handling industrial waste and providing high-quality recycling services and materials.

Recycled Material - PIR

By transforming industrial waste into high-quality and versatile materials, we offer an eco-friendly solution that supports a circular economy. Through our specialized processes and rigorous quality controls, you can choose recycled materials that not only reduce environmental impact but also open doors to innovative and cost-effective production alternatives. 

Recycled Material - PCR

We specialize in tailoring recycled materials to your needs. With our own washing facility for cleaning sorted plastic waste, we have full control over the entire process and can ensure a consistent supply of materials with uniform and high quality.

Recycling Services

We offer comprehensive recycling services for plastic, helping businesses efficiently manage plastic waste and reuse materials. With our expertise, we identify recycling opportunities and create customized solutions for a more sustainable future.

Custom Materials
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Tons of CO2 Reduced for Our Customers
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From Start to Finish

Customer Materials in Focus

We are committed to ensuring our materials integrate seamlessly into your productions. Through collaboration and practical testing, we identify adjustments for optimal performance and quality.

Sustainability & Innovation

Our Expertise

Towards a Circular Future.

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